Vevo announces the release of Best Coast’s live performances of “Everything Has Changed” and “Different Light.” With big guitars, direct lyrics, and a pleasantly laid-back attitude, the Los Angeles duo Best Coast play a tuneful version of punk rock that nods toward ’60s pop and ’90s alt rock informed by the sunny days of their hometown.

The duo of guitarist/vocalist Bethany Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno started off small, issuing a string of singles before becoming an internet-fueled sensation.

Their albums range from simple Ramones style (their 2010 debut Crazy for You) to arena-ready (2015’s California Nights). Their popularity as a live act grew steadily and the musical bond between Cosentino and Bruno held firm. The duo’s 2020 album, Always Tomorrow, shows the band still in love with the hooky bubblegum-punk sound they started out with, and stretching out in new areas, like commercial radio pop. “Everything Has Changed” and “Different Light” are now streaming on all platforms. Keep up with exclusive content from artists all over the world on



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