Amici’s Pizza – Port Charlotte, FL:

Where the hell do I start on this one? I should have read the writing on the wall when the only thing they wrote on their “About Us” website section was:

We strive to have a consistent product. We need to know of any problems (or compliments) directly, so that we have happy customers.


Pizza the way you remember it.

I’m from the Philly burbs, and there are a ton of great pizza places all around. If it’s the way I remember it, it’s pretty damn good. I usually get a regular style pizza with pepperoni, and a specialty pizza.

I love a white pizza when it’s made well, and it’s kind of a celebratory weekend, so I figured I’d splurge on one. The staff was very nice when I got to the restaurant, and it was made quickly.

Amici’s Pepperoni pizza: Looks ok in the box, but floppy and super spongy.

When I got home, and opened the boxes, they smelled good. Sauce seemed like it was quality, and the cheese had a decent smell. Pepperoni looked pretty good, but the white pizza looked disappointing right off the bat. When I picked up a white slice, I said,

“Hold on. You’re not going to like this. Look how floppy and spongy it is. I’ve ever seen this before, but the crust is just like one from a chain like Pizza Hut or Little Caesars.”

I’m not one to ever ask for well done pizza, but this was undercooked or the dough was off. The consistency of the crust immediately put me off, especially for how much the pizzas were. After a couple more minutes in the oven, the crust held up a bit better.

A trainwreck of a “White Pie.”

The white pizza was Ricotta, Mozzarella, Spinach, Oil & Garlic, and it was without a doubt, the worst white pizza I’ve ever had. You should be able to taste all of the components in a pizza, but this was just a mush of ricotta and garlic. Super disappointing.

The pepperoni was better once it hit the oven a second time. Ingredients seemed fine, sauce was good, but once again… If I wanted crust like Little Caesar’s, I would have ordered a $5 pizza, not a $15 pizza!


White Pizza: 2 out of 10

Pepperoni Pizza: 6 out of 10 (Less if I didn’t put it back into the oven.)

Overall rating: 4 out of 10

A hard pass.


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