The Philadelphia Eagles set the tone of the Year of the Underdog, and after seeing my 15-1 odds at Wing Bowl, I went in extra focused to prove a point… (Ok, truth be told, I went in to have fun and DOMINATE, but it makes for a good story. 😂)

From the moment our entourage arrived in Philly, to the moment we left, the energy was insane. After a Top 5 finish at WB 25, I wanted to make a return to the final table. With the caliber of the top eaters at this year’s competition, I knew it’d be a huge challenge, so The Train had to bring his A Game.

First Round was interesting.. I didn’t even know the round started till a couple seconds later, then Paulie decided to quit after one wing (yes, that was tough to ignore since he sat next to me), but from there, it was pedal to the metal. When I heard them mention that “Moe Train is an Eater to watch” on the radio, I kicked it up another notch. I finished in 6th place after the first round with 134.

With a solid placement in the top 10, I knew I had to repeat my strong second round performance of WB 25. This round’s chicken was much better than the first, and seemed bigger than last year. The crowd kept getting louder and louder, which I tapped into… and thought that someone was about to puke. I picked up the pace when I heard the roar. I thought, ‘if I slow down, I’m done,’ so it was time for lights out. I was beyond pumped when they called my name and had me at the final table… I looked up and waited for my total… 231 and fifth place. I flipped out, and was so pumped… AND FULL.

Final Table – I know I’m not an eater on the level of Molly, B.O.B. or Dave, and I only do a couple challenges a year… So, to make it to the final table two years in a row in front of a sold out Wells Fargo Center is mind blowing for me.

Two more minutes… I’ve already won a personal victory at this point, but I had to finish strong. At that point, no one wants more, but we all keep pushing. Out of no where, I hear U.S. MALE right behind me, yelling words of encouragement, which helped a ton. The two minutes flew by, and I could have kept going, but the contest was over…. I stood up, threw my arms in the air, and couldn’t have been prouder to finish the contest where I did in front of the BEST sports fans in the world!

A huge part of the Wing Bowl experience is sharing it with the other eaters… Molly Schuyler, you’re the damn GOAT. Dave Brunelli, John C. Bradley, B.O.B. Shoudt, Dimitry Shchupak, Dan Kennedy, Stephen Hillegass, Frankie Paul, Heather Cahill, Luke Sturgis, Shaun Swayngim, and even that jackass Pittsburgh Paulie.

Once again, I had the support of my guys from Team Domination (King B Brian, Raul, Eric, Franco, Raymond, Mike P, Joshua, Chris Cullen, Jeremy Fla, Ryan Ry-Ry, Mayz, Matty Rooster, Jon and Greek Pete, Vas). It makes Wing Bowl worth it every year to get everyone together for another year of ridiculousness. (DON’T get me started about not winning the Entourage Prize yet. That part is absolutely incomprehensible. No one does it bigger than Team Domination.) Thanks to everyone at Club Risque for your support over the years… We blew them away this year, both on the float and onstage! Nickie Renee Castro, without your fantastic makeup artistry, the Moe Train experience would be incomplete!

Thanks to the entire crew from SportsRadio 94WIP Wing Bowl 26 for a fantastic FIFTH year of Wing Bowl madness. It’s always a highlight of my year to be involved with THE BEST eating competition in the world. Angelo Cataldi and The WIP Morning Show, Marc Farzetta, Ava Graham, Bryan Cole, Cindy Stover Webster, Frankie Floats, Rick The Manager, Ref Michael, Dave Goldstein- Thanks to each and every one of you, and congrats on another successful Wing Bowl!

A huge thank you to my awesome Wing Bowl sponsors who without their help, we wouldn’t have had such a massive entourage entrance. Wing Bowl isn’t just about the eating, it’s about the entertainment, and we bring it year after year.

Bog Turtle Brewery have been multi-year sponsors, and a huge supporting cast for Team Domination. If you love kick-ass beer, you need to check out Bog Turtle Brewery in Oxford, PA. They have a fantastic crew across the board, and deserve all the success they’ve garnered as their business grows. Great celebrating with you guys and gals post WB!

Yo SIGN Guy/Eric Durynski – From day one, Eric and Karie have been on board with this wild Wing Bowl ride. From creating the trademark skull logo, to building floats, designing shirts, wrapping floats, etc… Eric has been an unbelievable support through every step of the way. Please check out his Facebook if you have any printing or sign design needs… Thanks for another amazing year, I’m glad you were onstage to share in the Top 5 finish!

Platinum Dining Group/Georigi Family – (Capers & Lemons Italian Restaurant & Market, Taverna Rustic Italian, RedFire Grill & Steakhouse, Eclipse Bistro) – PDG may be a new sponsor, but I have a long history with the Georigis, working at their outstanding Capers and Lemons restaurant for years. Capers’ Italian offerings and presentations are jaw droppingly delicious. You’ll be hard pressed to find wood stone pizza better than at Capers. If you love mind-blowing food, you NEED to eat at a PDG restaurant. Thanks Carl, Lisa, Alec and Gillian for everything!

Anthony Covatta/Steak & Main Steak House Oyster Bar Sushi Bar – We are the undisputed Kings of the Classy Wing Bowl Food Stunt. Huge thanks to you and your staff for making the Moe Train food stunts a huge spectacle on a yearly basis. #1 Steakhouse in America.



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