Why are so many parties getting boring lately? Although we all want to live life to the fullest, many realize that their events are getting lifeless and one-note. Fortunately, we don’t have to keep it this way! The entertainment you hire changes how the guests you invite react to it and how many keep talking about it for years after it’s over.

If you want to change things up, and invite some fresh flavor to your party, here’s how to find the best uncommon talent to hire.

Look At Local Listing Sites

Many local performers will post to gig sites like Craigslist when they’re looking for work.  Usually, this is under ‘talent gigs’ and will include a very brief description of what they do and how much they expect to be paid for it.  Unfortunately, these can be hard to confirm, and a lot of talent found under this type of site is flighty or hard to get to show up.

Check Talent Apps

Talent applications can help you find anything you want.  From contortionists to a violinist for hire: you’ll find someone who takes performing seriously and wants to do the best job possible at it.  These apps are awesome because you can find reviews on the performers, look at their ratings, and often even see sample videos or pictures of them performing their talent.

Ask For Recommendations

Look around locally and ask friends and family to let you know if they have any recommendations.  This could mean asking at your church, talking to your coworkers, or even discovering new acts through your neighbors.  Unfortunately, it’s often hard to vet how good these acts are before you see them yourself, so when you get in contact with this talent, it’s a good idea to try and ask for a sample video or picture of them performing.

Ensure You Interview Carefully

Hiring the wrong person is a big mistake that could lead to disaster.  When you’re in the hiring phase: ensure you ask enough questions and look into what they’ve done in the past.  Ask their rate early on so that you can try to budget for it, or you can close the interview if you can’t afford them.

Hire Far Ahead of Time

Try to hire as early as possible. Hiring early ensures that you’ll have acts available for your event date, and it also gives you the chance to spend your time budgeting or figuring out the rest of your plans. In addition, the earlier you hire, the more likely you’ll find the talent you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Pick Based On Your Party Theme

Consider picking themed talent! If you’re having a pirate-themed birthday party, consider hiring pirate cosplayers! Don’t be shy about leaning into themes and having fun with them; an event is supposed to be a fun get-together where you can connect with other people: cut loose and try to enjoy the process. By hiring the best talent possible, you can ensure that your party is one that people will be talking about for years to come.

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