Southwest Florida’s housing market is wild. You watch all of the housing apps for your dream house to pop up, and there it is! You take your time weighing the options, the pros and cons, make calculations, and several days later, you decide to contact a realtor to see the house.

“I’m sorry, an offer has already been made on the house.”

In days. your dream house has come and gone, slipping out of your reach because you took too long to react. Unfortunately, this is reality for many who are looking to purchase a new house. The Wall Street Journal says that “the housing market is crazier than it’s been since 2006,” and being in that market… it’s absolutely true.

I recently purchased a dream house in Southwest Florida on a beautiful piece of land which is very close to a lake, has a pool and lanai, and about every amenity I wanted. I studied the market a bit before selling, and saw the cadence in which houses were being sold. I knew that I didn’t have much time to react, so when my house came on the market, I saw it that day and made an immediate bid. Bloomberg said that almost half of properties have offers accepted within a week.

My finances were in line, and I knew I could purchase within a specific budget. A fantastic tool you could use to be sure you don’t become house poor is:


There are many different calculators you can utilize on this site which will help you realize your dream. Don’t make the mistake of going into the housing market unprepared, or you may watch house after house slip through your fingertips!

Good luck, and may you find the house of your dreams!

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