Carnegie Deli: Left – Dine In Right – My Take Out

Here’s a classic review of NYC’s Carnegie Deli (now defunct, and rightfully so):

CARNEGIE DELI ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. (Yes. I know it’s a tourist trap.) We dropped over $300 there for dinner, with $30 per sandwich.

On the left is what you get in the dining room… To go? Well, look at the shit I got on the right. 6 slices of bacon, iceberg, and some chicken salad. $30.

The dining room felt like a funeral going on in there, and the “service?” They were assholes to everyone that walked in.

Very disappointing, especially since I’d never been to a proper Jewish Deli. If you’re going to be assholes to people, at least serve top quality, consistent food.


I know it’s closed, and rightfully so. I’ve had far better sandwiches in small mom and pop shops all over the US. If I wasn’t on a bus trip, I would have walked right out of that shithole.

What are your favorite NYC Jewish Delis? Comment below!

– Moe Train


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