Rick “The Pear” Ross’ Luc Belaire just came out with probably the worst new sparkling wine (or any wine at that) which I have tried in years. Even worse is that people are scrambling to get their hands on this garbage.

Gucci Mane loves the Bleu.

Have you ever had a melted blue popsicle? Do you remember that dull, fake fruit flavor in a popsicle that cost less than a penny to make? That’s Luc Belaire Bleu.

Rozay, you’re better than this. I know you’re going to make a ridiculous amount of money off this swill, because people buy into ridiculous marketing schemes, but you’re leading people down the wrong path on this one.

I have no problem with celebrities producing good product for their willfully purchasing public, but this is absolute garbage. Rick, you could have put out a special edition of your sparkling that was of a higher quality than the norm, but you went and made something so ludicrous that you’re embarrassing the industry from a quality standpoint.



Absolutely horrible.

– Moe Train


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  • INDEEDY!!!!!! Bought this for my daughter for her 39th birthday along with a very nice bottle of champagne. The blue rounded out the nautical theme, representing the gorgeous blue sea.
    We collectively have decided we’d rather drink seawater.
    Melted popsicles are far superior!!!!