This Tan Tan Ramen from Rai Rai Ramen in Downtown West Chester, PA is a culinary gift from the gods.

Sweet, very spicy, but not overly where you can’t taste it. The sesame was a unique flavor. Ground pork, egg, red hot sauce. My face was on fire, my Pops was in tears… but it was hands down the best thing I’ve eaten this year, and possibly in the top 5 ever in Asian food. I couldn’t order it any other way.

Pops asked to “not be shy with the spice,” and the chef could have killed us and the dish with too much spice. I can’t stress enough that this was a perfectly balanced dish. Slightly sweet, tangy, tear inducing spice, perfectly cooked noodles, crispy bean sprouts..

If you haven’t made a trip… I don’t care if you’re 100 miles away.. You NEED to eat this.

Tan Tan Ramen


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