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It’s safe to say that I’ve had lots of pizza. Cheese, Hawaiian (YES, pineapple belongs on pizza), White Pizza, etc… so when I say that it takes a lot to blow me away pizza-wise, I’m not kidding!

Little did I know that on a chilly day in January, I’d be tasting one of the most delicious gourmet slices I’ve ever had. My brother often meet for lunch on Tuesdays, and he asked if I’d ever tried Tony’s Cafe in Newark, DE. I said no, but let’s go!

Tucked away in a low key shopping center, Tony’s Cafe greets you with a virtual wall of specialty pizza, one better than the next.

I love unusual and unique flavors, so when I saw their selection, it took a lot for me to not order one of each! The bruschetta pizza had fresh, rich red tomatoes with a healthy amount of garlic. Slice 1 chosen. My brother chose a slice that’s the embodiment of a crab melt on a slice. Second slice I chose was penne atop a pizza. It wasn’t till we sat down that I realized the penne had a vodka sauce. My absolute favorite.

At $4, these were not exactly cheap slices, but they’re worth every penny. The bruschetta slice had bright tomato and garlic flavors… an appetizer slice, one could say. (Apparently, their tomato pie is also a winner.)

Moving on to the heavy, double plated penne vodka slice made me utter expletives of pure bliss and enjoyment. The pasta was al dente, and it was coated with cheese and a rich vodka sauce that stands up to any vodka sauce that I’ve ever had. Not just stands up to, but it kicks their asses up and down the oven. Each bite was mind blowing. As a matter of fact, this was hands down THE BEST SPECIALTY PIZZA SLICE I HAVE EVER HAD, not just in Delaware, but ANYWHERE.

If you haven’t tried Tony’s Cafe and their gourmet pizzas, get there ASAP. Tony’s gets the Moe Train Stamp of Approval.

They asked me how much pizza I’ve eaten in a sitting. Maybe they should create the Moe Train Pizza Challenge, and have the challenger eat 15 slices of their various specialty slices! Without a doubt, it’d be one of the most delicious pizza challenges out there.

Let’s do it Tony’s!

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