Philly Wing Fest Is Wing Heaven

Flashback to the Philly Wing Fest, when I was one of the judges to see who had the best wings in Philly! A seriously delicious food fest with tons of wild flavors to choose from.

The list of glory.

Crystal’s Comfort Food was immediately my choice for best wing in Philly. Not only was it large and juicy, but it had just the right amount of crispiness, and a flavor which left 99% of the others in the dust. I can’t remember if it was the champagne or sweet potato flavor, but damn was it good. Be sure to get your tickets whenever this festival hits your city!

Crystal’s brought flavor unmatched.
Train was in heaven. So many flavors!
Solid texture. Sweet and savory…
Flavor was good, but damn… why so small?
The fest was held in the legendary ECW ARENA! (Now called 2300 Arena)


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